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It’s a simple game mechanic but one that works well -- 148 Apps

Finding the most efficient way to place your barrels is tricky, but it's worth it when you're up to your beak in loot. -- Slide To Play

Pirate Plunder is centered around refreshing new “Connect The Dots” gameplay. Captain Blackjack is a forgetful pirate. He lost his treasure and needs your help to find it. Drop barrels into the ocean to connect the Captain to his treasure chests. Use TNT barrels to blast your way through obstacles and uncover more treasure. Captain Blackjack rewards you with a "Jem" for beating each level plus extra "Jems" for each barrel you have left over. With 96 levels can you collect all 288 "Jems"?


● Fun "Stylized Graphics
● 96 Unique Levels
● Multiple Gameplay Types
● Challengingly Fun Puzzles
● 3 Different Level Themes